We’re committed to improving the impact we have on the environment.

We are tirelessly working for social and environmental progress in whatever we do. Whether you call it corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, or sustainability, this is just about being human. We have already taken few tiny steps towards sustainable environment but these are just the beginning.

We recycle soft plastics

The use of soft plastics is currently inevitable within our business operations. So to use them more responsibly, Re-ground delivers our soft plastics to local processors to be re-used on new and innovative technology.

We sort our waste

We have disposal locations throughout our office and warehouse so our team can sort their paper and soft plastics from their general recycling and landfill waste. Our actual bins do good, too. They’re made from post-consumer recycled material and come equipped with handy guides on how to recycle.

Our lights are energy efficient

We’re conscious about the energy we use in our office and warehouse. We’ve replaced all our lights with energy efficient LED lighting. Luckily, our landlord’s supportive of our sustainability efforts. On top of that, we’ve added sensors to the lights in our lower foot traffic areas, like hallways.

E-Waste management

Electronic waste contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and various other toxic substances. If not managed properly, these substances can contaminate soil, water and air, posing a serious threat to human health and ecosystems. Sustainable e-waste management ensures proper handling, recycling and disposal of electronic components. Failure to do so poses a grave threat to ecosystems, wildlife and individual health. Sustainable e-waste management is essential to minimize the negative environmental and human health. It reduces the impact associated with improper disposal and encourages the responsible handling and recycling of electronic devices and components. It is critical for cutting emissions and creating a brand reputation through corporate social responsibility (CSR). We have already signed partnerships with many certified e-waste management organizations for efficient and environment friendly e-waste recycling.